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Elastic bandage production line
Elastic bandage production line

Elastic bandage production line

  • Used for small rolls of elastic woven bandages;
  • The elastic bandage on the machine is automatically fed, rolled, fixed-length cut, discharge, raw
  • Accurate control of roll weight and length deviation.
  • The equipment control system uses touch screen and PLC to adjust parameters conveniently.
  • Four universal wheels are installed at the bottom of the equipment rack for quick movement.
  • The diameter of the cloth roll is allowed to be plus or minus 2mm.

nameElastic bandage production line
Dimensions (M)Length 2 × width 1.2 × height 1.4
Machine weight (KG)700
Motor power (KW)1.5
Production capacity (M / min)15-30
Air consumption (M3 / min)0.17
Power consumption (KW / min)           0.5
Vehicle speed (M / min)15-30
Molding size (CM)Width less than 20 × diameter less than 6           

The above data is for reference only. With the progress of technology, the final data is subject to the actual product.