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Independent research and development of digital equipment


Traders card:
Name: noble soldier
Age: 48
Position: General Manager of Foshan Binhong Equipment Co., Ltd.
Craftsman's Seal: Foshan Binhong Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. It has independently developed a number of light textile machinery and equipment such as digital wide fabric slitting/folding equipment and automatic sewing production line, filling the gaps in the industry and greatly improving the mechanization level of the domestic light textile industry.He has carried out more than 10 research and development projects with the spirit of keeping improving and being brave in innovation. He has obtained 22 utility model patents and 6 invention patents. All his patented products have been converted into high-tech products.
After a roll of medical gauze was placed on the production line, the machine automatically opened the material. Two slender steel "fingers" folded the cloth to a small edge of 2cm, forming surgical towel abdominal pads waiting to be sewn one by one. The whole process took less than 3 seconds.This is China's first equipment for folding medical surgical towels.Thanks to the repeated carving of this "weapon" by noble soldiers, China's medical and health materials industry has broken the traditional production mode.


△Delta noble soldiers in the production workshop inspection equipment
Origin: Entrepreneurial Demand Stimulates R&D Inspiration
Before starting his career, noble soldiers grew from ordinary technicians to mechanical engineers. They had dealt with machinery and textile processing for 12 years.
In 2006, noble soldiers resigned to start their own businesses, but they could not find a suitable direction.An accidental opportunity, he saw such a scene in the medical gauze towel factory: several workers packed the gauze to 200 layers and folded it together into pieces of large gauze towels after opening the material. the whole process depended entirely on manual work.
It turns out that the edge of gauze is easy to expose, and four small edges need to be folded around when making medical articles, otherwise medical accidents are easy to occur.However, cotton yarn has the same toughness as a spring and rebounds quickly after folding. At that time, there was no mechanical equipment to solve this problem.Noble soldiers immediately realized that the dilemma facing the industry might be a breakthrough for him to start his own business.


△ Full-automatic gauze folding machine
"China's textile processing has been developing for hundreds of years. We have no advantage in competing with others for traditional products. Instead, we can develop new products to meet customers' requirements."Therefore, he decided to design special equipment for making medical surgical towels to improve the work efficiency of the industry.
Innovation: One Machine Equivalent to 7 Workers
The road of research and development is not smooth sailing, but full of hidden rocks and dangerous beaches.In the same year, noble soldiers made the first prototype, but due to unreasonable design, the machine could not meet the customer's requirements.
A failed experience did not stop the noble soldier's footsteps, on the contrary, he soon put into a new round of research and development.Knowing that spraying water can reduce the elasticity of cotton fibers, he has conducted hundreds of experiments to accurately spray water to milliliters.At the same time, he also added the link of edge shaping to the machine.At first, the R&D team used nylon and plastic to make the trimming tool, but the impact force was not strong.The use of steel will also produce harsh noise, causing damage to workers.To this end, noble soldiers have repeatedly tested nearly 20 kinds of materials, and finally have produced suitable trimming tools.


△Delta abdominal pad folding machine
In 2007, the country's first digital wide fabric slitting/folding equipment was born.The machine can fold 10,000 pieces of abdominal pads of surgical towels every day, which is equivalent to the output of 7 workers.In addition, the machine can also shorten the production time, avoid manual pollution, and the small side size can be accurate to millimeters."It can be said that the production level of the industry has been greatly improved."When it comes to independently developed machines, noble soldiers cannot hide their pride in their tone.
Upgrade: A replacement machine for 15 people is being studied.
Today, digital wide fabric slitting/folding equipment has entered more than 100 manufacturers, occupying 80% to 90% of the domestic market share.Although the customers greatly appreciated Binhong's products, the noble soldiers themselves were not satisfied.He believes that a craftsman should be innovative and always pay attention to and meet the latest demands of the market.Therefore, he has developed several new models on the basis of the original equipment.
In the past year or so, noble soldiers have been devoted to developing automatic sewing production lines integrating cutting, folding, sewing and other functions.Once successful, the medical surgical towel will be produced in one step."That is to say, a roll of gauze is put on, and the product is available. Such a production line is equivalent to the output of 15 people."


△Delta gauze bandage coiling machine
The higher the product performance, the more difficult problems to be solved.Noble soldiers quipped: "The process of research and development may be described as going through five passes and cutting off six generals. I was so worried that my hair turned white."However, no matter how many difficulties he faced, he always insisted on treating every link with the spirit of a craftsman to promote the product performance to be improved day by day.