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High-speed gauze folding machine
High-speed gauze folding machine

High-speed gauze folding machine

Gauze folding machine is a machine used to produce folded gauze sheets from cut gauze rolls. The machine includes folding equipment; cutting equipment; rollers with folding and turning; brackets and counters. Some of these parts are assembled on the wall plate, others inside the case (e.g. the main wheel and motor and the electrical control part). Several doors constitute the main safety protection system to prevent accidental personal and set exhaustion accidents. The main functions can be controlled by the operator through the panel buttons. The rotating drum inside the machine constitutes the main part of the equipment. The bright parts in contact with the gauze are made of stainless steel or chrome plated.

high-speed   gauze folding machineLXZ-505X5cm-folded edge (8-12-16)P150 pcs/min12700X1400X13005.6
high-speed   gauze folding machineLXZ-757.5X7.5cm-folded edge(8-12-16)P145 pcs/min12900X1500X13506.7
high-speed   gauze folding machineLXZ-10010X10cm-folded edge(8-12-16)P135 pcs/min13000X1700X14007.5
high-speed   gauze folding machineLXZ-50-25X5cm-unfolded edge(8)P300 pcs/min12700X1400X13005.6
high-speed   gauze folding machineLXZ-75-27.5X7.5cm-unfolded edge(8)P290 pcs/min12900X1500X13506.7
high-speed   gauze folding machineLXZ-100-210X10cm-unfolded edge(8)P270 pcs/min13000X1700X14007.5