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Fully automatic medical gauze swab 12P folding machine
Fully automatic medical gauze swab 12P folding machine

Fully automatic medical gauze swab 12P folding machine

    Used for full-automatic folding of surgical gauze swab

    Automatically feeding, cutting, pressingfolding and collecting with the cooperation of machine, electricity, air and water.

    The motor power is 2.5kw with PLC controlling.

    The speed is 28-31piece/min, it alarms after attaining the setting pieces.

    Furthermore, it configure automatic discharging machine, which with higher degree of automation, discharging reset automatically after the operation.

    The frame and other parts are made of aluminum alloy with special molds.

    The contact surface with gauze is all stainless steel sealing plate; side with switchable protective door plate to ensure easy and flexible disassembly and installation

    4 sets of pulleys and height adjustment device at the bottom of the equipment

    Advantages of full-automatic folding machine: Firstly the product size is accurate,appearance tidy; secondly machine folding to reduce the secondary pollution, improve the product quality;at last it can sharply reduce the labor cost, the investment costs will be recovered in half year.



Full-automatic   medical gauze swab 12P folding machine



Dimensions (M)

Length 5.5 x width 0.8 x height 1.5

Weight (KG)


Motor power (KW)


Production capacity

 (pcs /   min)


Air consumption (M3 / min)


Power supply (V)


Air pressure (Mpa)


Size of finished product(CM)

6x6-12P7.5x7.5-12P, 10x10-12P

Applicable raw material

cotton gauze

All above data for reference only, with the development of technology, the final data will be based on the actual product shows.